The Appointed Encounter with Yvette Haughton

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The Fig Leaf Apron Cover Up E14

In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve used fig leaves to cover up their nakedness.  Jesus begins to remove the covering that the Samaritan woman used to begin to reveal truth to her.  What fig leaf apron are you using to cover up?


There has to be a thirst.  Are you ready to encounter the only one that can satisfy your thirst?

The Wearied Journey E12

Even in the weariness of your journey, there is still purpose to the trek.

The Craving Encounter E11

These are the times that we should seek God even the more.  Our hearts, minds and souls should be craving the living God.  In this episode, we learn that if this Samaritan woman knew who it was that gave the command for a drink, that she would have craved what he could give to her.

The Common Ground Encounter

As we traverse this pilgrimage, there are many that we will encounter.  Jesus met the Samaritan woman at Jacob's Well.  This was a special place not only to the Samaritans but also to the Jews.  He met her on "common ground".  We must find the common ground as we look to meet and draw others to Him.  

Accepted In The Beloved

At time we feel that no one hears us.  We feel rejected and tossed aside.  We feel that we are not a part of anything or anyone.  But this podcast assures us that we ARE accepted in the beloved.

The Prepared Meat Offering E8

A drink offering is never offered by itself.  There must be a meat offering.  In this episode, we learn that the disciples have gone to buy meat.  Well, the Samaritan woman will provide the drink offering.  We must always be prepared on our journey with the Lord, to provide the meat offering.  Let's take a listen.

The Call To Repentance Encounter E7

Today, in a world plagued by the COVID-19 disease and many other signs of our redemption drawing nigh, we the church need to recognize that God is not only calling the world to repentance but that he is starting with the house of God.  The time has been appointed unto us to encounter the Lord in order that we may go out to a lost and dying world.

The Drink Encounter E6

An unusual timed meeting at the well leads to opportunity to worship in the form of a drink offering.

The 6th Hour Unveiling

Jesus comes to the well wearied from his journey.  He is sitting on the edge of the ancient landmark.  An unveiling is about to take place with a woman and the entire town.  A place that has been veiled in darkness.  

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